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Whatever you do you are presenting all the time, be it client facing or speaking internally. Your communication skills are crucial in presenting yourself with success,whether you are representing a company in UAE or just yourself as a professional.

Presenting for that sales pitch, meeting or even public speaking requires you to create, build and develop a rapport with your audience.

With our sales presentation skills training, We can help, if you are delivering a presentation or talk to a:

  • Small, medium or large group
  • Challenging C-level audience
  • Senior or highly experienced people in UAE or internationally

Programmes such as our selling skills training presentation can assist those who wish or want to:

  • Become An “Authentic Speaker” With Your Talk
  • Show Your True Value And “Earn More”
  • Learn The Fast Way To “Pass Through Your Fear” Of Presenting

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In Learning offers a variety of effective presentation skills training and sales presentation skills workshops in UAE and in other business hubs around the world to help you become amazing in this essential skill.

Trinity of “I”

Introduction To Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Fast pace one-day session gives you the opportunity to

  • Identify the key ingredients involved in becoming a compelling presenter
  • Recognise the qualities of a great presenter to overcome fear or nerves
  • Know the importance of verbal, vocal and non-verbal (body language) communication
  • Easily structure a good presentation
  • Video recording is an add-on
Ready for IMPACT

Secrets of Public Speaking & Presentation

This in-depth two-day effective presentation skills training gives you the opportunity to

  • Establish rapport with your audience
  • Learn techniques to reduce nervousness and fear
  • Realise your strengths as a presenter
  • How to appeal, influence and persuade different types of people
  • Recognise how visual aids can create impact and attention
  • Develop techniques to create a professional presence
  • Prepare, practice, and deliver presentation
  • Get ready to handle questions with ease
  • Presenting with a BANG
  • Video recording of your presentations is mandatory

Story of Success Presenting & Public Speaking Through Story Telling

High energetic two-day session gives you the opportunity to

  • Realise the power of storytelling
  • Integrating stories seamlessly into your presentation
  • Know the power of your verbal, vocal and non-verbal (body language) communication
  • Utilising V.A.K in your story to make the presentation memorable
  • Up your confidence in narrating a presentation story in a compelling manner
  • Prepare, practice, and deliver presentation through stories
  • Video recording is an add-on
Customised Workshops

Depending on your requirements we can develop a custom workshop for you that could achieve specifics from the above workshops or specifics defined by you. We can create a customised selling skills training presentation for you and your personnel in UAE, or a more focussed programme specially for your international team. Video recording is an add-on.

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