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A sales presentation is a step by step progression. As a salesperson, you should have only one objective: to have the mindset of delivering valuable service to all customers.

The main steps of an articulate, compelling and persuasive sales presentation involve an introduction of the product, about the target market, introduction of the company, specific application of the product for the client (occupation/profession/market/situation/need – being some criteria). Next, some questions to qualify and take away should also be in the presentation and finally leading to a close.

Simply put, you build up a sales funnel, and take the customer through it without letting it become an overbearing experience.

Your sales presentation training ensures you are equipped to provide professional help and service to guide and enable a customer in making a good decision when it comes to getting a product or service that will fulfill their immediate needs or will benefit them in the long run. You also develop an expertise in ‘story telling’ – the crucial element that engages your customer and retains his/her interest.

Values like these, among others, can be further learned and applied through practical and beneficial sales strategy training and sales leadership training courses offered by In Learning to all professionals in Dubai, London and Vietnam. Our rigorous sales presentation and techniques training prepares you to deliver the most persuasive sales pitch and achieve closures.

Top Sales Training Company

In Learning is a sales training company that can help you learn the most effective principles and methods in sales, as well as deliver the latest modern sales techniques training that will help you add value to your service.

Our sales training course is designed to help you develop and hone your abilities as a salesperson. We will help you harness your passion for doing sales and use it as leverage to become a master in this field.

Through our sales leadership training course lessons, you will be able to better understand your buyers, see things from their perspective, and create value in your service.

Our training company implements sales training workshops that will equip you with tools and techniques to allow you to:

  • Be clear of your USP (Unique Selling Point/Proposition)
  • Comprehend your FAB (Feature, Advantages, Benefits)
  • Pay close attention to the UPB (Unique Perceived Benefit) of a customer
  • Get a deeper insight of your RAP (Research, Analysis, Planning)
  • Polish your sales communication skills (verbal, non-verbal, written)
  • Engage in active listening to identify the preferences and needs of the client
  • Ask focused questions to elicit more useful information from the client
  • Negotiate to achieve winning results

When you create value, it means you are increasing the worth of a product or service and the business providing it. It is crucial for salespeople to be aware that sales is the same as customer service.

Rather than thinking of the customer in terms of Always Be Closing (ABC), it is about time to think in terms of Always Be Creating Value (ABCV). It is philosophies like these that separate In Learning from other sales training companies in Dubai, London and Vietnam.

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