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Universal Law #2 – Accept- Soul of Sales

“If you enjoy the fragrance of a rose, you must accept the thorns which it bears.” Isaac Hayes

Many people run away from selling, as they are afraid of failure, it is the rejection in sales or worse yet the belief that ‘no one will buy from me’.

Firstly, accept that you will need to regularly educate yourself in order to overcome self-sabotage and limiting belief. This is the key to on-going success. Many thought leaders and behavioural models tend to state that you are programmed from the moment you are conceived. Thereafter you are programmed by parents, family, community, society, media and so on.

Although there are a few wise people that walk amongst us have a different grasp on this matter of programming. They say it is an interesting concept that we are programmed and we call our brain a hard drive on which all is written.

What you think of reality, is not so. You all have a certain perception of reality that is influenced by your beliefs/norms, meanings and values. None of you is dealing with reality, just your perception of reality. In fact, you are simply conditioned to be who you are and not programmed.

You are conditioned with beliefs/norms, meanings and values without your awareness. Many of these beliefs/norms, meanings and values used to condition you are deadly viruses that destructively consumes you in terms of your thoughts, health, career, finance, relationships, growth and much more. Then you wonder how did I mess my life up.

Reading on what a virus is, it seems the many beliefs/norms, meanings and values that are injected into you could be extremely dangerous. These are viruses killing your creativity and innovation. The sabotaging beliefs/norms, meanings and values attack the abundance within you and take over its machinery to carry out their own life processes of multiplication and growth. The infected abundance will produce further sabotaging beliefs/norms, meanings and values instead of its usual products of joy, prosperity and compassion.

Just like viruses the tiny organisms called beliefs/norms, meanings and values may lead to mild to severe illnesses in us. This may include feeling down or low in energy to something more life threatening like depression, suicidal or behaviour that leads to destroying yourself and others. Remember as a sales professional to let go of the viruses in order to be flexible, adaptable and versatile.

Secondly, accept that your service/product may not be suitable for everyone, so be clear of your market. Not everyone is your customer. An easy way to comprehend what influences the buyer is to see, feel and hear the buying scenario by reviewing the work of the renowned marketer professor Philip Kotler.

In psychology, the “black box” is used to explain the unexplained. As humans are unable to fully comprehend the human brain but what we can do is observe the actions and choices taken. We can only observe what is happening on the outside but what is happening within the brain (the actual thought process) this is beyond our control. This so called what is happening within the brain is defined as the “black box”. The “Black Box – The Stimulus-Response Model” by Philip Kotler is an easy way to realise what influences the buyer.

This reaction is not just mine; it is a reaction of most individuals working in a sales environment. A number of years ago I was asked to understand and know my buyers’ behaviour thus allowing to determine who is suitable to buy my service/product. My initial (internal) reaction was “Why do I need to do that?”.

The truth is no matter what your position is in the organisation it is a good idea to educate yourself about your buyer’s behaviour. Without such an understanding and knowing you and the businesses will find it extremely difficult to provide the client’s needs and wants. In other words, you have to develop the skill to find out what kind of client will buy your product/service.

Thirdly, accept that you are forever in learning and development mode. There will be days or even weeks when inspiration is low and motivation is dead. You will be rejected, beaten to a pulp both mentally and emotionally.

Many times fear will cloud your vision. Remember to accept such a state, as that will be the only way to overcome and pass through the dark-side. By doing so, in addition, in developing yourself you are also developing trust and respect with customers.

You are unable to fathom uncertainty. The fear of losing control scares you. You are perplexed with the feeling of fear. In fact, you are so engrossed in the dark side of fear that you completely forget that the fear is a helping hand to make us stronger and better.

My amazing friend Les Brown (well in my mind he is my wonderful friend who teaches me a lot of things) a great inspirational speaker, in many of his talks he speaks about fear. He says to his listeners “Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®

Fear is a filthy word and most of us use any kind of justifications, excuses or circumstances to hide it, cover it or disguise it. In Les Brown’s own words, in this short video, he talks about getting past your fears.

Master Yoda from Star Wars said, “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” He may have been a fictional character but the words he uttered are what we read in the great books from across the world. Our fear can be our greatest enemy or when we befriend it we can use it to redirect our path for our good. We have to learn to manage this emotional state for the good of ourselves and others.

Walking on the path of fear and not learning to befriend this emotional state is disastrous. We all know the dangers of allowing fear to control our life. Most people have experienced and many are still living in fear believing that this is the true reality.

“Soul of Sales – The Nine Universal Laws” will be appearing in the forthcoming book Success Mastery. The book is a coauthoring project with the world renowned motivational speaker Jack Canfield.

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