Discover how your vibe attracts your tribe

Central to improving oneself is having a positive vibe. A positive vibe is essentially about having healthy levels of awareness, consciousness, and energy (ACE). To have a positive vibe is to be connected with your innermost being – to be totally in tune and in sync with your own true self, as you continue on your own individual journey. Here at In Learning, we can help you discover how your vibe attracts your tribe.

Find out how you can resonate with a positive vibe

In Learning is founded by Rohit Bassi, a multi-talented, well-versed individual with a deep and intense passion for growing the self through experiences and understanding the human psyche. In this guided journey, you will be enlightened as to how your outlook in life affects, attracts, and impacts your life. Inspired by learnings accrued throughout his own journey, Rohit can guide you towards a more intimate understanding of the self, and how one’s attitude towards life’s challenges can affect the lives of others as well.

This journey of learning will help learners discover the benefits of living and vibrating to different energies – optimism and acceptance of others; pure love and reverence for all forms of life; and grace and pure spirit beyond the physical self. Our journey of discovery will help you vibrate at a higher level, so you can be a source of positive vibes wherever you are, by unlocking the virtues of love, compassion, and joy for and in yourself.

Letting go of the ego for a higher calling

To find your vibe and attract your tribe, it is also essential to let go of the ego. The ego often masks itself in different guises, including anger, fear, and envy. Through our learnings, we will help you slowly let go of your ego and instead love yourself as who you are on the inside, without any pretention. For only when we accept ourselves as who we truly are, are we able to love the essence of ourselves.

Discover how you can love your true self and emanate positive vibrations today, with the help of In Learning.