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Vietnam – Just Be YOU

As reported in from the adoption of Doi Moi in 1986 by the CPV’s Sixth National Congress to present day, Vietnam’s economy has transformed from a centrally-planned model to market-oriented with four characterized sub-periods. The sub-periods based on the economy’s entrepreneurial perspectives, emerging cultural values, the building of market economy, and attitude toward global geopolitics and economics.

The youth of Vietnam play an essential part in the progress and development of the country. On the 4 January 2018, the students of Hai Phong Tourism College (Vietnam) transform their way by amplifying the awareness of:

  • Knowing the essence of truth
  • Success comes through failure
  • Moving from bitterness to compassion

Most of us have an aspiration to be great. We all need to develop the courage to face difficult challenges, and the commitment to see through the completion of things, regardless of the obstacles. Certain experiences and interaction may lead you to either feeling bitter or compassionate.

Even though you could be striving to be self-sufficient but everyone could do with some help. You may require help in accomplishing your vision, dream or just have that empathic listening ear without the ego and judgment.

The practical, thought-provoking and engaging talk will assist you in:

  • Focusing on important aspects of your life
  • Handling difficult situations with greater ease
  • Boosting self-confidence and self-esteem

“Just Be YOU” is a live event with me, Rohit Bassi. A brief about me:

  • British Nationality, born and brought up in London, UK
  •  International experience across the globe of 21+ years
  • Delivering sessions to the likes of Oracle, Harley-Davidson, HSBC

Being back in Vietnam allows me to assist the young ones. This is done by developing their skills that will grow and increase their value. Thus leading their life to be:

  • Youthful
  • Outstanding
  • Unique

A practical, thought-provoking and energetic journey of “Just Be YOU”.

Success and failure are stupid ideas; they are a state of mind. As I grow I amplify my awareness and realize to learn I have to unlearn. Life is all about inspiration rather than motivation. Motivation dies away but inspiration is in spirit, it is your inner core strength.

But when we start with compassion that means to connect with our higher intelligence, the heart. Leading to be a better in your life, with people, society, environment, and your profession. With compassion, comes the love that creates joy.

Compassion is highly misunderstood, unfortunately, many see it as pity and believe it to be wimpish, frail or weak. A trait considered by many in the business world as pathetic. When you listen and read the works to the likes of His Holiness Dalai Lama, Dr. Daniel Goleman or Lorne Ladner you learn compassion has got nothing to do with pity. For those who follow the path of ruthless compassion, it would be a great idea to review these peoples work.

In the journey of life, you are bound to make mistakes, which truly is learning to remain focus and pay attention to be true to your inner-self. Some of these learnings can indeed be expensive ones, yet they are their own unique personal learnings.

When you walk on the path of “Just Be YOU” you unleash your true potential, which comes from the inside out.

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